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Our Story

Our Story

Your complete, reliable healthcare provider
Offering healthcare therapies marketing services

Telpha INC history began in 2008 with the establishment of sales and marketing services of health care therapies in Cambodia and rapidly expanded its activities to Myanmar and Vietnam.
Telpha INC. today is one of the complete, reliable marketing service provider of various healthcare therapeutic products, which employs 100+ people across businesses such as marketing, distribution and logistics.
Telpha INC operates in four major Asian countries – India, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. Its expertise relies on providing innovative marketing services and development of sales & marketing of specialized portfolio of healthcare products, branded generics, and a range of OTC products to comply our customer needs. From the past 10 years it has developed a broad range of products with well-defined divisions to serve retail pharmacy market, hospitals as well as doctors.

Telpha key milestones

   Jan 2008- Organization incorporated under the Cambodian Laws

   May 2008-Initiated marketing & distribution activities in Cambodia

   June 2010- Launch of Marketing Activities in Myanmar

   Jan 2011- Joint Diabetic Care Initiatives with Novo– Nordisk in Cambodia. Achieved Pan Country Operations in Myanmar and Cambodia

   Jan 2012- Strategic JV with Reliv health care in Myanmar

   Jan 2013- Cardiabet division launched with focus in cardiology & diabetes

   Nov 2014- Critical care division launched with focus in Nephro / Cardiac, Critical care segments

   2015 Diacare division launched to provide complete solutions in Diabetes

   2015 – Vestel Life Sciences- Launched to provide solutions in Women & Child Health care

   2016- Hepacare division launched to provide complete solutions in Hepatic care

   2018- Oncocare division launched to provide complete solutions in Cancer


Our Philosophy is based on our fundamental principles which will guide the organization and our people who will be the key elements of the organization to achieve its goals:

Our Organization Key fundamental principles focus on Human Resources…

   Select highly trained people responsible for each position in the organization. Continuous learning processes a key factor in ensuring the organization growth.

   Human psychology - behaviors are very important, a working culture of an employee in one country is different from another country. So it is very important for us to study that country's culture/ values/ expectation of individuals in their working experience.

   Development of local resources at ground level to reflect as that country's national company - which will give a sense of localized preference & will pave way for our organization relationship building with local clients.

   Provide autonomy in making operational decision keeping in mind the goal to be achieved.

   Provide continuous motivation in the people that will drive them to work whole heartedly. This can be achieved by continuous plan of innovative activities throughout the year with reference to marketing/ intrapersonal skills/ personal recognition for achievement.

   Frame objectives which are realistic/ achievable with complete collaboration to the lowest level. Involvement of each and every individual in framing the objectives is the key , as this will drive a sense of team effort and will give high level of entrepreneurship to each individual.