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A sacred black bead thread accompanied by gold or diamond is referred to as a Mangalsutra. It is part of the marriage ceremony and is widespread across different parts of India. It is also known by various names such as MinnuDehjoorThaali and Mangalyam. 



Let’s take a look at some of the most unique and enthralling designs of mangalsutra:

Floral – It is a gold mangalsutra with a floral pendant which is gorgeous as well as delicate. It gives the bride a classy and sober look with the lengthy chain. It can be worn with every outfit and at all occasions. A matching pair of earring is sure to make you look more appealing.  

Square – If you want a unique and elegant mangalsutra then you can choose this one. The pendant is a square shaped one and has medium length with black and gold beads. It is the perfect choice for this wedding season.

Kundan – This is a traditional kundan style gold 22 karat gold mangalsutra. It gives a spectacular and chic look when paired with any ethnic wear. The mangalsutra is sure to enrich your look. It has stones with black circular beaded chain and big embedded beads. 

Temple Jewelry – It is the latest one in jewelry design and is quite popular in the mangalsutra collection too. You should consider this spectacular gold studded one with beads of different shades.  It goes well with any kind of dress and makes you stand out from the rest.

Standard – It is a classic and trendy one that is quite popular in Southern India. The mangalsutra has a half round shaped pendant, a timeless color combination of black beads and gold chain along with hanging black beads. 

Short Length Chain – It gives a sober and sophisticated look and is quite comfortable due to the short length. It is a combination of traditional contemporary as well as modern design with black beads, round golden beads as well as gold chain. This mangalsutra can be worn with formal and casual dresses. 

Catchy – You should consider this mangalsuitra if you prefer stylish and huge pendants. The catchy and stylish shape of the mangalsutra makes it a favorite of many ladies. The scintillating look is achieved due to the golden balls that have been joined to each other. 

Multiple chains – This one is sure to give you a royal and rich look for any occasion. It is especially designed for marriages as well as cultural occasions. The mangalsutra has a pendant that has the shape of half-moon which is studded with black diamonds and black pearls.  

Contemporary – You should go for this one if you like modern and contemporary design. This mangalsutra complements your ethnic wear thereby drawing attention of many people.  


Little Heart Shaped – A heart shaped pendant is one of the most amazing designs that adds a classy and chic look. It is indeed stylish and quite adorable. It goes well with all kinds of outfits.



These designs showcase the ethnicity of the traditional Indian jewelry and make them irresistible. Which one do you like? Share your comments with us. 

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