Cure your health problems by wearing Gemstone Rings

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“A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happiness and good fortune.”

― Judy Hall101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation


The Vedic astrology or Jyotish is the “Science of Light” is a prehistoric zodiacal discipline that came into being 5,000 years ago during the Pre-Vedic civilization of ancient India. The Rishis or high priests of the Vedas could see the connection between the celestial bodies of our solar system as well as the human body through mystical visions. The motion of the planets and their positions in relation to each other, acts upon us throughout our lifetime. It is quite similar to the lunar phases push and pull of the seas as well as the oceans. The day an individual is born, his/her karmic life map (also referred to as fate/destiny) comes into action as per the Vedic science of astrology, t. This map not only speaks about the moment of happiness, or failure, love or relationships but it is sum total of all the milestones going to occur in an individual’s lifetime.


To combat the negative factors, such as illness, loss of life, financial crisis, divorce or unstable career; the scared text of the Veda’s has listed 6 karmic solutions. They are mentioned below:



























1. Mantra - It is the process of chanting spiritual words to get positive energy. It is group of words in Sanskrit that has spiritual as well as psychological powers as per the belief of its practitioners. They are about 3,000 years old and have been composed in Vedic Sanskrit.


2. Tantra - The mechanical ways or amalgamation of the spiritual procedure to bring the desired results.


3. Yantra - It refers to any article or object that is used as an aid to meditation in tantric worship.


4. Aushudha - It refers to medicines and is used only in the cases of diseases. The patient can be cured using herbs that are extremely effective.


5. Yagya - It is a fire ritual with sacred herbs and is always dependent on mantra reciting.


6. Ratna - It means gemstone or jewel. This sounds to be so true, just wear a gemstone of the planet which causes problem and find the cure from it.


With the generation passing by, people have become more logically in their thinking and don’t believe in gemstone but the science proves it to be true and effective. The science behind the gemstones is that, the planets in their orbits continuously send out positive and negative magnetic vibrations or energies. The answer to questions like - how these sensations influence us humans and make things good or bad for us as well as how things on earth like stones and plants can help us can be answered by Vedic astrology.


Planets influence through color as well as emit their powers. The cosmic effects of their associated ruling planets are one of the reasons for the astrological powers of gemstones. Sun is the source of all energy which also affects us human beings. We can see seven-color spectrum or rainbow when we observe sunlight through the prism.


The other invisible two colors are infra-red and ultra violet. These nine colors are linked with the nine planets. Each of these 9 planets gives out certain sensations that affect us, depending on their location at the time of birth (this sums up our unique astrological birth chart or “kundli” as it is known). It has been observed that some of the planets have a strong impact on your life, while others have a weak effect. Basically to sum it all, Gemstones are a way of bringing about all the positive energies of pure natural colors to your body, and taking care of the negative energies.


I hope the readers are convinced with the justification to the use of gemstones. Moving on, this articles deals with the use of gemstones for curing various types of diseases.


The first documentation of treatments was presented by Pliny the Elder. And, 2000 years later, many of these treatments are still being used today. As it has been mentioned before that colors influences our body with good or bad effect, the bad effects often surround us with different types of diseases.  You should always remember that correct gemstone should be used as gemstone rings to cure the diseases. It is better to consult an experienced as well as well- known astrologer.


The basic information needed to select gemstones is mentioned below:


1. Gemstone according to lord of ascendant.

2. Gem stone according to Moon sign.

3. Gemstone of strong planet to increase its benefic result.

4. Gemstone of lord of 9th house to boost the 9th lord.

5. Gemstone of lord of 5th house to boost the 5th lord.

6. Gemstone of lord of 10th house to boost the 10th lord.

7. Gemstone of Dasa lord to get its benefic result. 

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