Jewellery Which You Can Gift In EID

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 Gifts For EID


On this Eid, Jacknjewel offers you a great way of celebrating Eid by gifting your relatives a beautiful piece of jewellery that he will cherish through out  his life & will add an everlasting memory in his heart forever.

1. Diamond Jewellery

 gifts for eid


You will find a number of attractive diamond jewelry for everyone which will surely leave him speechless. You can always select the diamond jewellery within your budget.  

2. Diamond Pendant

 gifts for eid


Diamond Pendants the most trendiest accessory you can gift to your relatives this year. It comes in many different designs & style. You can customise the design according to your wish as well. It comes studded with certified diamond and gemstone jewellery..

3. Religious Pendant


 gifts for eid


Religious Pendants is one of the best option to gift a jewellery to your relatives. Jacknjewel offers number of designs & variants of religious pendants made in 18kt & 14kt hallmarked gold.


4. Radiance Collection

 gifts for eid


Radiance Jewellery made in gold is something royal to posses. It is good option over a watch perhaps a new beginning of setting a trend in gifting.


5. Emerald Collection

 gifts for eid


Emerald Jewellery does not have any side effects, since most people are worried about wearing them without their astrologers consult, we assure you it doesn't affect your stars. You can find a lot more options available in our emerald collection.


6. Gemstone Ring


 gifts for eid
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