Why shop from us?

Jacknjewel is one of India's emerging online jewelry store that consists of finest and harmonious quality of certified and hallmarked jewelries. On Jacknjewel you will come across with the most fascinating & scintillating designs.You will find the most updated collection of jewelries with the latest fashion trend. We strive to make your shopping experience a lifetime experience.


A) Most affordable & Nominal prices

All the products available on Jacknjewel comes with the most economical price that you will ever come across anywhere. We offer the highest quality certified product with the cheapest price. Our products are so precisely priced that will make your selecting the product without giving a thought. One can always make use of the filter we have provided for selecting the price. Shop with us and make your day a memorable one with us.

B) Favorable policies & Customer Service

Our policies are made in such a way that will give full satisfaction to every customer. Our experts are always there to help you with any doubt,you can keep in touch with us with live chat or you can call on our phone number. Our customer service & polices also includes

1)free shipping
2)30 Day Return
3)100% refund
4)free return pick up

C) Hallmark & Certified Jewelries

All the products that you will find on Jacknjewel are laboratory certified and hallmarked. All our Diamonds are certified by reputed laboratories such as GIA, HRD and IGI and Gold comes with BIS hallmarking which guarantee the purity. You will never face any issues with the quality of the product.

D) Unique Designs

Jacknjewel brings to you perfectly crafted exquisite pieces of jewelry, which are designed to appeal everyone. You can also find the latest collection of jewelry from our designer special category which includes designs from some of the famous jewelry designer's. If you are fashionable and looking to match your attire with jewelry there is only one place you have to visit which is "Jacknjewel".

Our aim is to bring together timeless jewelry that's beautifully crafted with the right blend of age-old mystique and elegant modern touches, to provide a high quality collection that's affordable.