How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

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Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Diamond Ring




When we talk about the diamond ring they lose their shine very soon as compared to other diamond jewelry. So here are some of the home remedies to clean your diamond ring.


























































































































Some of the Other Process


It is most mesmerizing thing is to look at your Diamond engagement ring

sparkle. But the only worst thing is when a ring loses its lustre, due to improper care.Maintaining a clean diamond Jewellery can be difficult sometimes and risk of losing the original look of the princess cut engagement rings.

Initially, Certain types of cleaning such as chlorine bleaching were used, but it had a lot of risk of damaging the Engagement Ring Designs. The new technique used by Certified diamond ring jeweller's is an ultrasonic cleaner, it uses low-frequency sound waves through a solution with continuous vibration to remove the accumulated dirt & grim, but with extreme caution in order to protect the Engagement Solitaire Rings/ wedding rings from a fracture. It is also best advised to consult a professional jeweller who can determine if your jewellery needs repair and refers to the diamond’s grading report, which clearly discloses whether the diamond has been treated. 



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